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Learn the BB3 Method, Based on 45 Years
Transforming Seemingly-Impossible Conflicts

Everywhere we turn today we see deep divisions and intractable conflicts—with untold human costs. What if there was something practical you could do right now to get unstuck?


International negotiator William Ury has distilled discoveries and transformative practices learned from over 45 years working in impossible conflicts around the world into a method we call BB3, the Path to Possible. In collaboration with Side3, he has defined a method and a mindset that anyone can use to unlock our human potential to transform conflict.


As a path to possible, BB3 taps into that innate capacity and awakens our ability to break through. By going to the Balcony, we gain perspective that helps us build a golden Bridge across the chasm of conflict using the power of the Third Side (all of us together) to help all parties reach that impossible YES.



a place of calm and perspective where we can keep our eyes on the prize



an attractive way to reach across the chasm of conflict



the surrounding community, us, who can help the parties get to YES.


We may not be able to resolve all of the impossible conflicts we face, but we can, if we choose, transform them — change their form from destructive fighting into constructive, collaborative, creative negotiation. What could you do today to open up new possibilities in the intractable conflicts around us?


Who could do what tomorrow to avert war?

International negotiator and co-author of Getting to Yes, ROGER FISHER

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